Realtor Safety 101

As scary as it sounds, the world we live in is not always as safe as we’d like. It’s unfortunate that people need to be more diligent and aware these days, but it never hurts to ensure you are protecting yourself. As real estate agents, there are lots of other worries and security measures that need to take place. Here are 11 tips to help make you and your clients safer. If you feel like you are in danger, call 911 immediately.


  1. Buddy System

If you feel uncomfortable going to a showing for whatever reason, call another Realtor to go with you. Whether your fears are correct or not, you’ll feel better knowing that someone else is with you.

  1. Inform Others

Always let someone know where you are going. Keep a public calendar that your teammates, spouse or boss can see, and log all showings with addresses and names of clients.

  1. Code Word

If you don’t already, set up a code word with your team that everyone will understand means “danger.” Make it something simple that it easy to remember, but won’t be misunderstood in the event it’s used.

  1. Safety App

Installing a safety app on your phone is another potentially life-saving safety feature. There are many apps available on different mobile devices, so find the one that fits your needs as a real estate agent.

  1. Pre-Interview Clients

Before you start showing potential clients homes, feel free to interview them. Get a feel for what they are interested in and if they are serious home buyers.

  1. Open House Safety Check

When you are closing an open house, be sure to check every room to make sure everyone has left. You wouldn’t want to lock the house up with people still inside. You’ll also want to inform the homeowners to lock away any cash, jewelry or important documents prior to the open house.

  1. Drive Yourself

Try to always drive your own car to showings or meetings with clients. Feel free to invite them to ride with you, but make sure you are always in possession of the keys and in control of driving.

  1. Learn Self-Defense

No matter your gender, it couldn’t hurt to take a self-defense class to arm yourself from potential predators. There are lots of classes to take in Omaha!

  1. Walk Behind

When showing houses, have clients walk in front of you when showing a home. You wouldn’t want to possibly get cornered in a home, so while clients are walking ahead of you, tell them about the home and what they’ll be seeing.

  1. Fully Charged

As a Realtor, you’ll probably want your phone fully charged at all times anyway, but for safety reasons, you’ll want enough power to make a text or phone call if necessary. If you tend to let your phone die, purchase a car charger or external battery to help that from happening.

  1. Avoid Phishing Attempts

Safety doesn’t just happen out in the field! People can be targeting you from behind their screens. Beware of any unusual emails and never click a link unless you are certain where it is taking you. If someone sends you attachments you are not expecting, call them to confirm they sent you the email.

Written By: CBSHOME Real Estate

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