How to: Protect Your Pets from the Cold

Winter may be almost over, but that doesn’t mean that it still isn’t cold out! We know that we have to take care of ourselves in inclement weather, but we often forget about our furry friends. Here’s how to protect our pets from the cold until spring arrives.

How to: Protect Your Pets from the Cold | CBSHOME

  1. Don’t Leave Them Outside

When the temperatures are extremely cold, be kind to your animals and bring them inside. No matter how fluffy your pet’s coat is, after a while they will get cold. Try to limit your pet’s time outside to only bathroom breaks and a quick exercising playtime.

  1. Put Paw Balm on Their Feet

Consider purchasing a paw balm that you can rub on your pet’s paw pads. This will help keep their feet dry by resisting water and helping to melt any salt that gets stuck in their feet. It will also moisturize their paw pads while keeping them nice and soft.

  1. Dress Them in Sweaters

Many short-haired animals are not cut out for this cold weather. Help them stay warm when they head outside by dressing them in a warm and cute sweater. This will help your pet stay warm when they are outside and they’ll look absolutely adorable.

  1. Never Leave them in Cars

No matter the season, it is never okay to leave your pet in a car for an extended period of time. When the temperatures are extremes in either direction, it can be uncomfortable or even deadly for your pet. Think ahead and drop your pet off at home or take him with you if the area is pet-friendly.

  1. Use Pet-Safe Salt

Our pet’s paws are delicate, and the harsh chemicals used in ice melt can burn their paw pads or be harmful if eaten. Use a pet-safe ice melt and you’ll help keep your pet’s paw pads feeling better.

  1. Wipe Them Down

You’ll want to make sure that you remove any salt remnants from their paws, legs and fur. When your pet comes inside, grab a damp cloth and remove any of the salt before your pet licks them and it irritates their mouth.

  1. Check Your Engine

If you park your car outside, tap the hood of your car a couple of times before starting it. Many outdoor cats curl up for warmth in the engine of a car, and starting your car can result in a deadly accident for the cat. By tapping the engine, you’ll wake up the kitten and start your car feeling better about yourself.

Written by: CBSHOME Real Estate

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