Helpful Do's and Dont's during the home buying process

Helpful Do’s & Don’ts During The Home Buying Process



DO continue to make payments on all your credit obligations.

DO keep paystubs, bank statements, and asset statements with all pages.

DO acquire copies of your federal tax returns, W-2s/ 1099’s for most recent two years.

DO provide the purchase agreement & settlement statement for the sale of your current home.

DO keep documentation of sources of down payment funds.

DO notify Your Mortgage Man of any employment changes (i.e., change of employer, recent raise/promotion, transfer, change of pay status-such as salary to commission, etc.).



DON’T make major purchases during the loan process.

DON’T open or increase any liabilities, such as credit cards, signature loans, etc., during the loan process.

DON’T close/open or transfer any asset accounts without acquiring the proper documentation.

DON’T deposit money that cannot be sourced.

DON’T change jobs/employer without inquiring about the impact this change would have on the approval/approvability of your mortgage loan.

DON’T sell assets without consulting Your Mortgage Man regarding required documentation.


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