Five New Uses for WD-40

Yes, this miracle product does more than fix squeaky hinges on doors! Most of us have a can of WD-40 laying around the house, but don’t know some of the incredible things that it can do. Here are our five favorite uses for this product.

Five New Uses for WD-40 | CBSHOME

  1. Clean off chewing gum

Next time you have gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe, or heaven forbid, in someone’s hair, you can clean it off with a little bit of WD-40. Just spray the gum liberally and it should slide right out. No bad haircut necessary!

  1. Remove crayon from walls

Is your little artist getting a little carried away with their artwork? You can remove crayon from walls and other surfaces with WD-40!

  1. Wipe away stains

Coffee and tea stains can be a pain to remove from counter tops in your kitchen, but using WD-40 makes them wipe up with ease! This is perfect for light-colored co unters that show every single stain.

  1. Prevent wasps’ nests

In the summertime, wasps and yellow jackets can be bothersome as you’re enjoying time outside. Prevent these pests from building nests by spraying WD-40 where they usually build. The smell will deter them from building in that area. This also works if you already have a wasps’ nest built. Just spray the wasp nest liberally from a safe distance and you’ll be amazed at how quickly the wasps die! You can then later remove the nest.

  1. Clean a toilet

For toilets that are badly stained, either they are rarely used or you’ve recently moved into a new house, you can remove those set-in stains with WD-40. Spray the stains and scrub until clean. Then continue to clean the toilet as normal.

Written by: CBSHOME Real Estate

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