DIY Valentine's Day Gifts You'll Love to Give

Last year, Americans spent nearly $20 billion just on Valentine’s Day – that is a lot of cash being floated around! If you’re trying to spend a little less this year (or if you’re still recovering from Christmas), consider making some homemade Valentine’s gifts this year. You’ll spend less money, have more fun making the gift and the receiver will treasure this gift even more because it truly came from the heart.

DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts You’ll Love to Give | CBSHOME

For Her:

  • What woman doesn’t want to wake up to a delicious breakfast that she didn’t have to prepare? These pink cinnamon rolls are perfect for a valentine breakfast!
  • If your wife is a wine drinker, she’ll love to have a personally etched wine glass made by you! This can easily work for beer glasses, too.
  • A lot of men know they could help with chores more often, so to show how much you love your SO, create a coupon book volunteering yourself to help clean up the house!

For Him:

  • Showcase your love with a scrapbook telling your love story! Start when it all began and fill in stories, photos and mementos along the way.
  • Use your skills and hobbies to your advantage this Valentine’s Day. If you’re a great knitter, consider knitting your man a warm scarf or mittens so he doesn’t get cold.
  • Make sure the love lasts longer than February 14th with a homemade Date Night Jar. Just write a bunch of date ideas on paper and put them in a cute, decorated jar. Planning your next date will be a cinch.

For Kids:

  • Your kids will love playing with ooey, gooey slime this Valentine’s Day! Add dye and glitter to this slime recipe for the perfect gift.
  • Let kids choose their next activity with a fun homemade scratch off ticket. Write three things to do that weekend (zoo, movie, museum) and let kids scratch one off to see which one they won. You can also write 10 things you love about your kid and let them scratch it off one-by-one.
  • Have your kids wake up to a fun valentine surprise by decorating their door with paper hearts. On the hearts, write a reason why you love your kids and let them have fun reading them all in the morning.

For Friends:

  • Homemade sugar scrubs are easy, affordable and a great gift to give friends and family. This cherry sugar scrub would be perfect for a cute Valentine’s Day gift.
  • These heart-shaped strawberry hand pies are so cute and perfect to give as gifts this Valentine’s Day. Use a store-bought pie dough and strawberry jam for a super easy treat.
  • Painting a beautiful tote like this DIY heart tote is such a good idea for friends. They’ll probably even think it was store bought! We won’t tell them that it was so easy to DIY.

For Pets:

  • Fluffy and Fido will love these homemade peanut butter dog treats! They only require four ingredients and are super simple to make. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter for an even cuter treat!
  • Use those old t-shirts you have lying around (you know you have them!) and make this super easy braided toy for your pup. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to make, but will provide hours of fun for your dog.
  • Make your dog a new pet bed out of an old sweater this Valentine’s Day. Whether they already have a bed, and need another one in a different part of the house, or if your pet doesn’t have a place to snooze yet, they’ll love this simple and easy gift.

Written by: CBSHOME Real Estate

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